Friday, 30 October 2009


Well, it certainly has been a while since I last posted here....Hum.

Life has really been as hectic as my absence might suggest but college has turned me into the Super Lazy Bugger and I actually started coming home at 6pm, eating dinner then sleeping for three hours before waking up long enough to salvage my sinking social life for a bit then sleeping again, getting up at 7, rinse and repeat.

Went to the London MCM Expo on the 24th, which....Had a better build up than actual deliverance, if I'm honest. I had a good time, but it could have been so much better.

First off, it was raining, lots, we got there just after it opened and because my friend felt ill we didn't try to queue for another hour or so. Then we queued. For two hours (The monotony only broken by a stripping Marluxia who I got a very nice hug from, thanks you!). Got our tickets. Celebrated this, had a cigarette (and my friend got a pint of cider), went to go and join the throng in the expo...To find another queue. My god...My friend was already rather tipsy by this point and I ended up losing her in there several times...

It took an hour of wandering around before I found something I wanted that wasn't over priced to the point of wanting to kill someone. I now own a very huggable Xemnas plushie and am on a contact list for a very nice t-shirt once the girl has more printed.

Found my friend once all this was done. She got herself another drunk (oh joy) and we ended up sat outside the ExCeL centre for about 45 minutes while she smoked lots and I swapped my SIM card to her phone after my battery died >.>

Tubed back, my friend falling asleep the whole time, then finally got to Paddington around seven.

Finally! I can sit back and relax!


Our train was at first, delayed, then after half an hour, "Oh sorry, we've cancelled it."

Paddington, can you sign post the way to Platform 13 better? Thank you.

Found the next train, settled down, put my iPod on and zoned the fuck out.

My feet hurt, I have no pictures (sadly), I only met three new people but...Oh well.

I'll learn from this experience for next time.


Got my second HPV vaccination on Monday and I've been a bit ill ever since (I thought I had come down with swine flu on Tuesday, I was that ill...). Not fun....Stupid injections...

Now I'm a bit better I can knit more, although I can't work on Charlie's scarf until I'm fully better, I don't want to risk leaving any nasties anywhere near that.

And homework....When I said I only had to finish reading a book, listen to some radio, write 3 paragraphs about The Importance of Being Earnest and answer some Psychology questions...I didn't think I would procrastinate this much...

Oh well, what you gonna do?


I should be going to the MCM expo in Telford in February, however, and cosplaying this time (I felt empty on Saturday having not done so...). I need to speak to my hair dresser about dyeing my hair silver/blue (It's now red, I dyed it on Monday, yay!) but if all goes to plan I'll be cosplaying Ienzo (Zexion from Kingdom Hearts' Somebody, I can't afford the coat to cosplay the Nobody XD).


And on one last note, Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days is very good...In the way that the game play makes me gasm a bit and I love being able to play as all the Organisation members. The plot's a bit squiffy and the Castle Oblivion crew go and die within a month. And Saix's character has been raped, poor guy.