Wednesday, 6 January 2010


Hooooly shit have we got a lot of snow! At least 6 inches (probably more, must measure it at some point). It snowed for most of yesterday and all night so college was cancelled today and is cancelled again tomorrow 8D. This makes me very happy as it means more lay ins and time to bum around.

Started Jenn's birthday present so that should keep me busy for a bit (hopefully) as mum's birthday present is done except I need some white felt before I can finish it off ¬.¬.

Quitting smoking is going well. I haven't smoked more than five a day since the 1st (instead of the usual six to eight).

Going to upload some lovely photos of the snow from last night now and go bum around on Flickr for a bit XD.

Friday, 1 January 2010

So Here Is It

Christmas was pretty good. Got some cool things and mum's giving me money towards a desk, whoo! Other highlights are a microwavable plushie filled with lavender, which is lovely 8D and some very nice underwear. And an R4. I'm having lots more fun on my DS now XD.

I finally finished Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days the other week. A rather sad ending, a shame Roxas ruined it with a small sentence ¬.¬ The finally boss was pretty damned easy too. Oh well. I'm going to start a new game on Proud Mode once I'm done with Pokemon Platinum and the others. I still need to complete Final Fantasies X, XII and X-2 ¬.¬ There aren't enough hours in the day I swear.

Still knitting Charlie's Christmas presents furiously. Her scarf is almost done, just a few more inches now, and then the cat will only take about two to three days to make and finish so I'll have it done on time ^_^ Of course I also need to write my entry for TPBoD's writing contest, finish a request for Vanshira and do the little homework I do have.

Then begin mum's birthday present and Fabsie's very late Xmas present....*sigh* No rest for the wicked and all....

I have a primitive pattern for an Organisation XIII coat worked, I just need to make a minature to see if it'll work for me....But that'll have to wait for now sadly.