Friday, 1 January 2010

So Here Is It

Christmas was pretty good. Got some cool things and mum's giving me money towards a desk, whoo! Other highlights are a microwavable plushie filled with lavender, which is lovely 8D and some very nice underwear. And an R4. I'm having lots more fun on my DS now XD.

I finally finished Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days the other week. A rather sad ending, a shame Roxas ruined it with a small sentence ¬.¬ The finally boss was pretty damned easy too. Oh well. I'm going to start a new game on Proud Mode once I'm done with Pokemon Platinum and the others. I still need to complete Final Fantasies X, XII and X-2 ¬.¬ There aren't enough hours in the day I swear.

Still knitting Charlie's Christmas presents furiously. Her scarf is almost done, just a few more inches now, and then the cat will only take about two to three days to make and finish so I'll have it done on time ^_^ Of course I also need to write my entry for TPBoD's writing contest, finish a request for Vanshira and do the little homework I do have.

Then begin mum's birthday present and Fabsie's very late Xmas present....*sigh* No rest for the wicked and all....

I have a primitive pattern for an Organisation XIII coat worked, I just need to make a minature to see if it'll work for me....But that'll have to wait for now sadly.

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