Monday, 21 December 2009

After The Thrill Is Gone

So it's been a long, long while since I last posted and I'm only really typing this because I partly don't want to neglect something I'll likely want to come back to later, and secondly, I'm waiting on replies from a friend.

Distraction makes the time go by after all.

So Saturday was the Christmas cosplay meet up in Hyde Park. I got there an hour and a half early and stood there on my own in the cold for that time until I found some lovely people who (sort of) knew where we were meeting up.

We eventually got there and fagged around for a bit until Parle arrived. Anyone who says that Parle were not part of the reason they went is a liar.

I waited a bit for most of the mob to leave KellyJane and TealPirate alone before approaching with my gifts for them.

My shock when Kelly asked if I was Cupid Stunt. I think my life is more complete after that XD. Jenn gave me enthusiastic hugs, I think she liked her kitty XD. We didn't chat much as they were the centre of attention but I had other people to hang out with so I wasn't exactly that bothered.

Amala arrived a short while later and I finally managed to have her (mostly) to myself to deliver the final cat of the day. Longest. Hug. Ever. She may have commented to another person that she got excited over anything but that doesn't devalue it much. Especially as she came over to me twice more to hug and spack again XD.

At about 2pm, people began to dispurse, including Parle. I bid them farewell as I lack an Oyster card (I need a damn photo for it or I could have gotten one...) got hugs from Parle and the other before making my merry way home to envy all the snow they got on the bus home.

It snowed a little during the walk home but didn't settle =[.

All in all a fucking fantastic day.

I'm getting post-meet blues now D: I won't see any of these lovely people again until at least February, some I won't see until May X_X.

Well, it's 4:15am and I'm still nackered so I'll be off.

Emmy out!

Friday, 30 October 2009


Well, it certainly has been a while since I last posted here....Hum.

Life has really been as hectic as my absence might suggest but college has turned me into the Super Lazy Bugger and I actually started coming home at 6pm, eating dinner then sleeping for three hours before waking up long enough to salvage my sinking social life for a bit then sleeping again, getting up at 7, rinse and repeat.

Went to the London MCM Expo on the 24th, which....Had a better build up than actual deliverance, if I'm honest. I had a good time, but it could have been so much better.

First off, it was raining, lots, we got there just after it opened and because my friend felt ill we didn't try to queue for another hour or so. Then we queued. For two hours (The monotony only broken by a stripping Marluxia who I got a very nice hug from, thanks you!). Got our tickets. Celebrated this, had a cigarette (and my friend got a pint of cider), went to go and join the throng in the expo...To find another queue. My god...My friend was already rather tipsy by this point and I ended up losing her in there several times...

It took an hour of wandering around before I found something I wanted that wasn't over priced to the point of wanting to kill someone. I now own a very huggable Xemnas plushie and am on a contact list for a very nice t-shirt once the girl has more printed.

Found my friend once all this was done. She got herself another drunk (oh joy) and we ended up sat outside the ExCeL centre for about 45 minutes while she smoked lots and I swapped my SIM card to her phone after my battery died >.>

Tubed back, my friend falling asleep the whole time, then finally got to Paddington around seven.

Finally! I can sit back and relax!


Our train was at first, delayed, then after half an hour, "Oh sorry, we've cancelled it."

Paddington, can you sign post the way to Platform 13 better? Thank you.

Found the next train, settled down, put my iPod on and zoned the fuck out.

My feet hurt, I have no pictures (sadly), I only met three new people but...Oh well.

I'll learn from this experience for next time.


Got my second HPV vaccination on Monday and I've been a bit ill ever since (I thought I had come down with swine flu on Tuesday, I was that ill...). Not fun....Stupid injections...

Now I'm a bit better I can knit more, although I can't work on Charlie's scarf until I'm fully better, I don't want to risk leaving any nasties anywhere near that.

And homework....When I said I only had to finish reading a book, listen to some radio, write 3 paragraphs about The Importance of Being Earnest and answer some Psychology questions...I didn't think I would procrastinate this much...

Oh well, what you gonna do?


I should be going to the MCM expo in Telford in February, however, and cosplaying this time (I felt empty on Saturday having not done so...). I need to speak to my hair dresser about dyeing my hair silver/blue (It's now red, I dyed it on Monday, yay!) but if all goes to plan I'll be cosplaying Ienzo (Zexion from Kingdom Hearts' Somebody, I can't afford the coat to cosplay the Nobody XD).


And on one last note, Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days is very good...In the way that the game play makes me gasm a bit and I love being able to play as all the Organisation members. The plot's a bit squiffy and the Castle Oblivion crew go and die within a month. And Saix's character has been raped, poor guy.

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Labrynthitis, The Invisible Illness

If you have heard of Labrynthitis, well done. If not, it is an infection of the inner ear that affects your balance. In my case, I get short to long bouts of unsteadiness and dizziness. I first had this infection back in June, during my GCSEs, it was not pleasant, trying to concentrate in a near silent room while my ears ached and the exam paper danced in front of me.

Now, I have it again, it started in my first week of college.

Since June I have not felt myself. My hearing has been very sensitive to the point where I can consciously adjust my hearing to loud or soft sounds. I haven't felt truly steady on my feet until recently, and then it all started up again.

Now I have real issues going into shops, classrooms etc, knowing that standing up for long periods of time will surely make the ground start bouncing beneath my feet and that my legs will feel weak and useless.

I've once again started dreading leaving the house and my 'safe place' and being out and vulnerable.

I've become fidgety and anxious....And I feel tired all the time due to my poor brain having to deal with my previously automatic sense of balance.
I feel detached from everything sometimes. I get headaches and feel like there's a weight on my forehead. The ground feels like a bouncy castle.

I feel mostly best laying down as I can tell my body that I am definitely in a stable, safe position. Even when I begin to wonder if I'm on a boat or if there is an earthquake.

Labrynthitis is an 'invisible' illness. I outwardly look the picture of perfect health...(Except when I'm hugging the floor, swearing and begging for the dizzy episode to end.). I'm quite sure that some of my tutors at college think I'm faking.

Most people have never heard of this infection. I've only come across two or three so far who have known what I'm talking about. Hell, even Firefox's spell checker doesn't recognise it.

I know that I need to remain positive and not let this take over my life but sometimes I feel like curling up and crying because damnit, this just isn't fucking fair.

I can foresee another trip to my GPs and I will beg them shamelessly to let me see a specialist who will do more than get me to 'follow my finger' and measure my blood pressure (which incidentally is quite low, which doesn't help).

I don't want the anti-nausea seizure pills. I very, very rarely get motion sick (Thank fuck) and I don't want to take something with that many side effects or that causes seizures, fatal loss of red blood cells, etc and is also used to treat anxiety disorders and schizophrenia.

Yes, maybe that is me being paranoid but for fuck's sake, I have enough to deal with without risking more shit.

tl;dr I want to be myself again, please. I want my life back. I'll quit smoking if this will just go away and never come back.
I'm not asking for sympathy, I'm just giving an explanation for future inactivity and I needed somewhere to rant to and maybe try to shed some light on this altering illness.

Tuesday, 15 September 2009


Sooo....College is being okay. I'm hating my Media homework (researching radio news is tedious and boring). Aaaand, my balance is playing up again. I had Labrynthitis bacin June and now I have the same sort of thing again. I need to go and see a doctor again because I think it's getting worse and I want an actual diagnosis, not a vague whittle about viral infections and anti-nausea pills I won't take because I very rarely get motion sick.

In other news, my neck and left shoulder are KILLING me today; musta slept on them funny or something...

My birthday was fun. I got a red Nintendo DS =D. Charlie got me a wolf-whistling red dragon plushie which is uber soft and cute...Among other things...That girl spoils me XD.

I ordered Pokemon Platinum and Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days at the weekend, got Pokemon today (after the postue didn't knock and I had to go down to the sorting office...) and is fun so far.

Hopefully I can leave the rest of my homework to my breaks tomorrow so I can have some time to myself tonight.

Emmy out!

Monday, 7 September 2009

What I Go To School For

Sooo, college tomorrow (well, technically today now...). I'm nervous and excited. Lots of new people and classes and I get to see Charlie and Flora again! Charlie said she had something for me that would make me for laugh...A present in return for my looking after her in Oxford on Wednesday after she got a piercing done.

I honestly don't need to be repaid, it's just how I am; I couldn't have left her feeling sick and dizzy in the middle of a city she barely knows. That just ain't how I roll.

Started knitting my Heartless cosplay today, 5 inches of stockinette stitch in the round, gets kinda samey -_- Ah well, nearly done.

I finished the second Fetching arm warmer...And the bloody thing is nearly an inch shorter than the first one for one reason...Gonna have to block it >.>

Monday, 24 August 2009

The Beautiful Ones

Time to take a post to pay tribute to a truly talented craftswoman whose knitting talents I particularly admire. Her patterns are beautiful, and I am planning on trying several myself. They are beautifully presented, with easy to understand instructions and detail and pictures. There is information about the yarn recommended and the finished measurements (if you follow the pattern religiously and don't modify it a little to your own tastes, anyway) and a nice little paragraph about the item.

What more could you want from a knitting pattern?

Her blog is called Crafty Diversions (Great name, huh?) and can be found here:

And the patterns she is selling or giving away are here:

What's more, is she is currently hosting a give away of all her patterns due to slight damage to them (a good sign that she cares about the quality of her wares!). So, get in there and try to win one while you can!

Go forth, my readers and witness her wise words and hard work, I guarantee that your time there won't be wasted =].

Sunday, 23 August 2009

Back 2 Good

So I've been back in Oxford for just over a week and enjoyed relaxing in my own bed and with my own familiar surroundings. My internet is still being a class A pain in the arse, but my mother phoned Virgin today to try and find out what the problem is.

I finished my second knitted sock the other night, and started on a toe-sock. I love those x3.

Helped mum sort out a car boot sale today, only hung around for a few hours before letting my sisters take over. Didn't find much to buy either; a pair of five-pointed star earrings, Sonic Heroes for PS2 and Catz 5. £3.50 all together. Cheap as chips!

God I'm tired, I didn't get to sleep until around 4am and then had to get up at 8...Luckily I've since caught about an hour and a half's kip...

Friday, 14 August 2009

Tonight Was Your Last Night

Sooo, I've been without internet for a few days (extremely irritating). In Brighton now, and we finally got the internet working (my mother's friend's is password protected....).

Finally got a harmonica in Hastings, and a free lesson from the lovely old hippy whose shop it was. Very happy. He had a gorgeous sitar too but there would never be enough room in the car....

Got myself some fairtrade earrings made from recycled wire and metal, some little Chinese bell ball things, a bookmark, a bracelet and some incense today. Sadly I didn't get to do everything I wanted or find souvenirs for my friends but maybe we'll stop somewhere tomorrow before we leave.

Got a couple of nasty blisters...Well, one isn't too bad, the other, which is on my second smallest toe needs a chance to properly dry out and heal....Hopefully it will soon...

Hopefully I'll be able to post the few pictures I have of views and such in the next few days after I've recovered.

Sunday, 9 August 2009

All Around The World

So here I am in sunny Kent and I must say, I'm enjoying it quite a lot already. The weather has been sunny but not uncomfortably hot. I've finally, finally!, worked out how to knit purl without the stitches getting all yarned over and confusing. Knitting just got easier and more enjoyable =].

Sadly, this means I am tempted to restart both my arm warmer and sock so even things out. The former perhaps, the latter not so much, honestly on the the cuff of a sock, who'll notice?

It's a shame that my aunt and uncle don't have wireless, so I'm using their computer as opposed to Zexy, which means no aimless surfing for me (although, in retrospect, that's likely a good thing...).

My uncle and I had a nice chat about books and I have a reading list that'll likely get longer....And a fifth book to add to my 'holiday reading'.

The drive down wasn't too unpleasant, although my sisters are bloody irritating, my iPod kept me nicely entertained and there was no desperate wanting for a piss while miles from the nearest convenient toilet, thank all that's holy...

I'll be off now, for more knitting, socialising and enjoying the double bed I have to myself and the gorgeous view from my window.

I'm so glad I brought my camera!

Saturday, 8 August 2009

First Day Of My Life

So I thought I'd start one of these things as it seems easier and more 'professional' than using LiveJournal.

As I can be very uncreative sometimes, I'll use song titles for my post titles to keep things interesting, whether or not they'll coincide with the content is another kettle of fish entirely.

I'll be (hopefully) using this brand new blog to keep myself and anyone who cares enough to read up to date on my doings, thinkings and makings.

Now, on to the real content:

Started a brand new sock today. Well, just cast on and knitted one row really, I'll be working on it during tomorrow's car journey down to Kent, as it should be easier than trying to work on my arm warmer in a cramped car.

I'm all but packed, last minute things will be thrown in later tonight and tomorrow morning, like chargers and such. I hope my iPod will last, my skipping songs habit isn't improving much, sadly. When you have about 700 songs, some old, some new, well, the music still needs to match the mood I feel. Or just be very happy and upbeat when you're not feeling so good, but that's neither here nor there.

I'm hoping to be able to work more on my writings during this short holiday. Whether I end up writing more fanfiction (god I hate how immature and fangirly that sounds) or my original project, I don't know, I'd like to work on my novel more but I think more character development is needed, really...

What will likely happen is me just listening to music, knitting and playing some Pokemon on my GameBoy...Maybe I'll actually read some of the four books I'm taking ('My Grammer and I (Or Should That Be Me?)', a Christmas present that I will finish >.>, 'Alice In Wonderland and Through The Looking Glass', 'Anna Karnina' and 'Star Signs').

And maybe think about things I'd like to write, but can't due to plagerism and that as awesome as some ideas are, they aren't suitable for stories for anyone with an IQ under triple digits (Input a joke about Twilight or similar here).

Well, I'm just hoping that I get decent wireless internet (as I'm taking Zexy, my laptop) and a room to myself. I have a love affair with my privacy. As we all should, really.