Saturday, 8 August 2009

First Day Of My Life

So I thought I'd start one of these things as it seems easier and more 'professional' than using LiveJournal.

As I can be very uncreative sometimes, I'll use song titles for my post titles to keep things interesting, whether or not they'll coincide with the content is another kettle of fish entirely.

I'll be (hopefully) using this brand new blog to keep myself and anyone who cares enough to read up to date on my doings, thinkings and makings.

Now, on to the real content:

Started a brand new sock today. Well, just cast on and knitted one row really, I'll be working on it during tomorrow's car journey down to Kent, as it should be easier than trying to work on my arm warmer in a cramped car.

I'm all but packed, last minute things will be thrown in later tonight and tomorrow morning, like chargers and such. I hope my iPod will last, my skipping songs habit isn't improving much, sadly. When you have about 700 songs, some old, some new, well, the music still needs to match the mood I feel. Or just be very happy and upbeat when you're not feeling so good, but that's neither here nor there.

I'm hoping to be able to work more on my writings during this short holiday. Whether I end up writing more fanfiction (god I hate how immature and fangirly that sounds) or my original project, I don't know, I'd like to work on my novel more but I think more character development is needed, really...

What will likely happen is me just listening to music, knitting and playing some Pokemon on my GameBoy...Maybe I'll actually read some of the four books I'm taking ('My Grammer and I (Or Should That Be Me?)', a Christmas present that I will finish >.>, 'Alice In Wonderland and Through The Looking Glass', 'Anna Karnina' and 'Star Signs').

And maybe think about things I'd like to write, but can't due to plagerism and that as awesome as some ideas are, they aren't suitable for stories for anyone with an IQ under triple digits (Input a joke about Twilight or similar here).

Well, I'm just hoping that I get decent wireless internet (as I'm taking Zexy, my laptop) and a room to myself. I have a love affair with my privacy. As we all should, really.

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