Sunday, 9 August 2009

All Around The World

So here I am in sunny Kent and I must say, I'm enjoying it quite a lot already. The weather has been sunny but not uncomfortably hot. I've finally, finally!, worked out how to knit purl without the stitches getting all yarned over and confusing. Knitting just got easier and more enjoyable =].

Sadly, this means I am tempted to restart both my arm warmer and sock so even things out. The former perhaps, the latter not so much, honestly on the the cuff of a sock, who'll notice?

It's a shame that my aunt and uncle don't have wireless, so I'm using their computer as opposed to Zexy, which means no aimless surfing for me (although, in retrospect, that's likely a good thing...).

My uncle and I had a nice chat about books and I have a reading list that'll likely get longer....And a fifth book to add to my 'holiday reading'.

The drive down wasn't too unpleasant, although my sisters are bloody irritating, my iPod kept me nicely entertained and there was no desperate wanting for a piss while miles from the nearest convenient toilet, thank all that's holy...

I'll be off now, for more knitting, socialising and enjoying the double bed I have to myself and the gorgeous view from my window.

I'm so glad I brought my camera!

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