Monday, 24 August 2009

The Beautiful Ones

Time to take a post to pay tribute to a truly talented craftswoman whose knitting talents I particularly admire. Her patterns are beautiful, and I am planning on trying several myself. They are beautifully presented, with easy to understand instructions and detail and pictures. There is information about the yarn recommended and the finished measurements (if you follow the pattern religiously and don't modify it a little to your own tastes, anyway) and a nice little paragraph about the item.

What more could you want from a knitting pattern?

Her blog is called Crafty Diversions (Great name, huh?) and can be found here:

And the patterns she is selling or giving away are here:

What's more, is she is currently hosting a give away of all her patterns due to slight damage to them (a good sign that she cares about the quality of her wares!). So, get in there and try to win one while you can!

Go forth, my readers and witness her wise words and hard work, I guarantee that your time there won't be wasted =].

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