Monday, 7 September 2009

What I Go To School For

Sooo, college tomorrow (well, technically today now...). I'm nervous and excited. Lots of new people and classes and I get to see Charlie and Flora again! Charlie said she had something for me that would make me for laugh...A present in return for my looking after her in Oxford on Wednesday after she got a piercing done.

I honestly don't need to be repaid, it's just how I am; I couldn't have left her feeling sick and dizzy in the middle of a city she barely knows. That just ain't how I roll.

Started knitting my Heartless cosplay today, 5 inches of stockinette stitch in the round, gets kinda samey -_- Ah well, nearly done.

I finished the second Fetching arm warmer...And the bloody thing is nearly an inch shorter than the first one for one reason...Gonna have to block it >.>

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