Tuesday, 15 September 2009


Sooo....College is being okay. I'm hating my Media homework (researching radio news is tedious and boring). Aaaand, my balance is playing up again. I had Labrynthitis bacin June and now I have the same sort of thing again. I need to go and see a doctor again because I think it's getting worse and I want an actual diagnosis, not a vague whittle about viral infections and anti-nausea pills I won't take because I very rarely get motion sick.

In other news, my neck and left shoulder are KILLING me today; musta slept on them funny or something...

My birthday was fun. I got a red Nintendo DS =D. Charlie got me a wolf-whistling red dragon plushie which is uber soft and cute...Among other things...That girl spoils me XD.

I ordered Pokemon Platinum and Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days at the weekend, got Pokemon today (after the postue didn't knock and I had to go down to the sorting office...) and is fun so far.

Hopefully I can leave the rest of my homework to my breaks tomorrow so I can have some time to myself tonight.

Emmy out!

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