Thursday, 6 May 2010

Now These Points of Data Make A Beautiful Line...

Well...Shit. Had some rather bad news today concerning a member of my family's health so...Could have been a hell of a lot better...Still, with the help of three very awesome friends, I'm feeling a lot better now.

Trust me, tearing up every few minutes on a 40 minute bus journey home isn't much fun.

Anywho, onto less depressing subjects~

I've decided, at long last, to purchase Portal. I've heard nothing but good things about it and I really ought to play the game that birthed Still Alive by Jonathan Coulton, which is one of my favourite songs.

I've had a lot of positive feedback for the latest rewrite of Apocalypse Theory. I think I'm onto something and am really hoping that this time I'll actually finish it. Well, the first book anyway. Four to five years of writing, developing and creating characters may finally be paying off (some of the characters are even older than that). I was worried that the first scenes would gross people out too much or that the back story would put people off but my fears appear to be ill-founded 8D.

Election Day today. I couldn't vote as I'm not 18 until September (boo). I think I would have voted Lib Dem as they had the best policies for students. I just hope whoever gets in sort the country out XD.

I haven't started revising for my A Levels yet (those of you who knew me during my GCSEs know I'm notoriously bad at revision...) but I know which areas I need to revise and which areas I know well enough to pay less attention to which is definitely a mark in my favour.

Recently started Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney at long last. My god, it really is awesome! I've always had a passing interest into law and the like (blame my CSI addiction) and it really feeds that well. Not to mention all the little puns and funny bits in there, and the great characters. Being a writer, the importance of good characterisation is tenfold for me. If there are not characters I can grow to like and identify with I find it difficult to progress with something. Might be why I didn't like Of Mice and Men (plus the weird writing style...Urgh). Probably the reason why I take a fandom hook, line and sinker if I find a character I truly adore. At some point I need to write down the rambling Neffnie and I had about Nobodies...It was quite something XD.

Still unsure about university...I've found that I may be able to receive EMA even if I stay on a third year at college. I'm definitely tempted. I could get a few more qualifications and have more time to think about which university and which course I want to take. Plus, gives me more time to save up for it!

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