Friday, 30 April 2010

I Can See Clearly Now...

Well...Shit. I made a plan to update this regularly and promptly forgot *le sigh*. Ah well.


I has glasses now. I'm partially long sighted and so I have glasses for "concentrating" (yes, that's what the optician said). So I'm using them with computers, writing and reading. I look more intelligent when I wear them too XD.

My plans for expo are in some jeopardy, as the ebay seller I bought my Ienzo wig from reversed the payment shortly after it went through. Paypal failed to notify me and I find this out yesterday. It was due this week. And now, because of the backlog of post due to the suspended flights, it might not even arrive before expo ._. I will cry if this happens, I've wanted to cosplay Ienzo for so long! ;___;

Not much else to report, really, SoulSilver is fantastic (currently training my team in Diamond in preparation for the Elite Four...Wild Pokemon in Johto just aren't strong enough to do it quickly XD).

My first A Level exams are on the 27th...Yeah, better get revising!

The election is less than a week away now 0_0 Sadly, I can't vote, but I'm hoping the Lib Dems will get in, they seem to know what they're talking about and their plans to get rid of tuition fees would really help me out!

Also: The Pope Song by Tim Minchin is fucking ace, go watch it!

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