Wednesday, 24 March 2010


Booooored. And apparently very slack at updating this blog :O I'm a bit irritate with myself as I said I'd try to keep this as a constant thing...Maybe I ought to set two or three days a week in which I MUST update this blog? That sounds like a good idea!

So! Every Wednesday and Sunday, at least, I will update this blog.

So, how are things? Well, general cosplay meets and enjoying my new friends has been successful, I've hardly spent a weekend at home alone which is very good. I feel all active and popular XD. The time I do have to myself is mostly spent...Wait for it...Knitting XD. It's so. Damn. Addicting. Gah.

Speaking of addictions, I'm quitting smoking. Almost done with it, too. Down to 2-3 cigarettes a day from 4+ 8D. Go me!

College is going okay, still boring and apparently I somehow failed my Functional Skills exam but oh well, I couldn't really care less, to be perfectly honest.

My eyebrow piercing is playing up once more. I was told to get a smaller (1.2mm) bar for it and got a curved one that looks much better. However, there is some red scar tissue behind the top ball that looks horrible. A friend lent me some Bio Oil that would help it and as it has begun healing again, of course, there is crust and yuck. *le sigh* Eventually this piercing will be find and pretty and I can finally enjoy it.

Next major cosplay outing is MCM Expo in May. Plans so far are: Ienzo. I was asked to cosplay Tai from Questionable Content but as of yet it looks like this won't be happening. I'm more than happy to cosplay Ienzo for both days though! I have everything except the wig, really. A friend is lending me the labcoat and I bought a V-necked jumper from Primark on Saturday. It's comfy as hell and works great under my knitted jumper as it stops the wind blowing straight through to my arms.

Anyway, hopefully that will be a success as I have to cut, dye and style the wig to get the right gradient that Ienzo's hair has. Little bastard, having such pretty and difficult to replicate hair XD.

I'm writing this in college, on my own, in a computer room (was reminded of the existence of this by a Functional Skills lesson on blogging from MS Word). Why am I on my own? The lesson is over and Shasmin, who usually pisses about in here with me, isn't here. Sad times!

I pre-ordered Pokemon SoulSilver on Friday and got the dispatch email yesterday 8D. Hopefully that'll arrive on Friday with a figurine of either Lugia or Ho-Oh (as I pre-ordered from GAME). Fingers crossed!

So, yes, I'm bored, waiting for either someone to appear on MSN, DA or Twitter to entertain me at last!

I don't really think I have anything more to write about...I wish FaceBook wasn't blocked here so I could entertain myself better...Oh well.

Emmy out!

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